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We pride ourselves in manufacturing the best on the market solutions for customizable privacy solutions in bathrooms and residential settings. Shown below are real world examples of our products in action. With Smart Film® installed in your bathroom, you can transform your shower doors or windows with a switch or remote control! Smart Film® powered by Smart Tint® can instantly change your transparent glass in to an opaque state for instant privacy! This custom privacy film can be manufactured to fit custom shapes and sizes! Choosing electric window tint for your bathroom will surely be a statement!

Showcased here is our popular Opaque White on a beautiful tub window project Our easy to install self adhesive peel and stick window film is ideal for instant privacy while bathing and also protects you from harmful UV rays Instantly go from transparent to opaque using one of our several controlling options Our cutting edge electric window tint can be controlled via light switch variable dimmer system remote control smart phone app Alexa and more

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