You Must Have a Clean Working Environment

  • The working environment needs to be as clean and dust-free as possible prior to beginning installation. If there is dust in the area or along the surfaces near the glass it can easily contaminate the Smart Tint as it is being applied. For those who are applying the Smart Film during a renovation or construction project this is particularly important, as there is often debris in the air.
  • If there is dust or debris in the air or you just want to take an extra precaution you can spray water mist into the air an hour or so prior to beginning the installation. This will help remove particulate matter from the air.
  • Smart Tint® has a proprietary Smart Cling® Self Adhesive backing technology that is the only Smart Film® in the industry to out gas on its own with a peel and stick installation method. With this said our smart film® is the only switchable film in the industry that will not cause solar fracturing and out gas small installation related air bubbles on its own over time.

You Must Have Adequate Lighting

  • Ensure the working environment is well lit. It is best to install the Smart Tint in natural light or under bright, even lighting conditions. This helps you ensure that the glass and working environment is clean and see what you are doing as you work.

You Must ALWAYS Handle Smart Tint Carefully

Never buckle, fold or crease Smart Film®. It will cause delamination. Always keep the film flat and straight.

  • Do not remove the protective liner (smart cling self adhesive side) until you are ready to install the Smart Film. Doing so gives the film more exposure to any dust and debris in the air that may get stuck to it. It also makes the switchable film difficult to handle and install.
  • The protective liner on the adhesive side should only be peeled away after the Smart Film® has been applied to the glass and all air bubbles have been pressed away with a squeegee.
  • Always be careful with the edges of the film to avoid delamination.
  • When installing large pieces of Smart Privacy Film it is important to have two or more people performing the install.
  • Wipe down both sides of the protective liner of the film with isopropyl alcohol only to remove and dust or debris from the shipping container.
  • Carefully unpack the material and lay flat on a clean surface prior to installation allowing the material to relax and acclimate to the room temperature of the installation environment.


  • Strictly follow the wiring connection guide we offer before testing the film.
  • The Smart film should be 2 – 3 mm shorter than the glass to avoid a direct contact with the frame.
  • Don’t use water or any other chemicals to wash, install or touching the edges of the film.
  • Strictly use our Smart Film® Edge Sealant provided by Smart Tint ONLY to avoid the delamination of the edges. We offer it in custom colors including CLEAR, White, Grey, Black, Aluminum. If you use the wrong silicone you will damage the film.

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