A power transformer or power control unit is required to power Smart Tint® Smart Film®. This lowers the standard household or commercial voltage from 110-120VAC(USA/Canada) , 220-240VAC(Europe,Asia, Australia etc.) to 24-65VAC . Smart Tint manufactures the largest sizes and most efficient Smart Film in the world with 10 square feet only using 3-5 watts of power and manufacturing sizes of 1.8m(71″) x No Height Restrictions. The rule of thumb is one 100watt transformer for every 120 square feet of material. All of our material is dimmable and 3rd party smart home compatible.

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It is important to decide on how many zones of independent control, turning Smart Tint® Smart Film® on and off / Dimming or both, that you want to have. This could be all the windows on one wall, separate windows on one wall, or several windows on different walls. Each zone to be controlled needs a minimum of one.

Power Control Options:

Smart Tint can be controlled with a variety of devices and can be easily configured to integrate directly into your Smart Home.

Simple Switch

Control your Smart Tint with a simple light switch.

Dimmer System

Smart Tint offers a dimmer system that is smart home compatible.

Smart Phone

Smart Tint integrates with smart phones for convenient operation.


Smart Tint comes with a remote control

RS 485

Smart Tint is RS 485 compliant. We’re compatible with:

  • Crestron
  • Lutron
  • Savant
  • DMX

Wiring Diagrams

Please Note: All of our power supplies are stack-able to easily integrate for large applications.

We include engineering time with all orders to discuss integration logistics.

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