Discover the different automotive films offered by Smart Tint®.
All film is made in the USA with industry leading warranties and processing times.

Automotive Films

  • Automatically Controlled by the Sun

    Stealth Tint™ is a cutting-edge technology that automatically adjusts the level of light transmission through the tint in response to UV exposure (Sunlight). Stealth Tint™ will become automatically darker during bright sunlight and lighter during cloudy, overcast, and night time conditions.

  • NO Power Required!

    A key highlight of Stealth Tint™ is its self-sufficient operation. This eliminates the need for running wires, consulting with professional electricians, or dealing with any form of hardwired electricity!

  • Pre-Cut to your EXACT Model

    With Stealth Tint™ "Stealth Fit™" you have the option of getting your automotive package pre-cut to match your car's entire glass. Simply enter your VIN number when checking out.

  • Easy Install

    Stealth Tint™ install wet like traditional window tint! This makes installing Stealth Tint™ an absolute breeze.

Stealth Tint Demos

  • Control Your Car

    Flip Tint™ automotive packages can come with a dimmer which allows you to fine tune your privacy and can control how much light to pass through.

  • Powers Off CLEAR

    Flip Tint™ is the first electric switchable smart tint technology in the world to Power Off Clear and Power On Private! Safely use our technology on vehicles windows, marine windows, conference rooms and so much more.

  • Powers On PRIVATE

    Flip Tint™ powers off private protecting the interior of your car from prying eyes.

Flip Tint™ Demos

Powers OFF Clear
Flip Tint™ Powers Off Clear
Powers ON Private
Flip Tint™ Powers On Private
Smart Tint Logo
Smart Tint Logo
  • Control Your Car

    Smart Tint® film applies to any new or existing smooth glass surface instantly creating Smart Glass. Easily control our switchable film® from clear to frosted (opaque) with the click of a button or command from your smart phone.

  • Powers Off PRIVATE

    Smart Tint® switchable privacy film® is private frosted and opaque when powered off.

  • Powers On CLEAR

    Smart Tint® switchable film is transparent clear when powered on

Smart Tint® Demos

Smart Tint Logo
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