Smart Tint® Technology On This Iconic 144 Yr Old Tree!

Kaino uses Smart Tint® Technology

Kaino’s “A Forest for the Trees” art show features our Smart Tint® Technology on this iconic 144 yr old tree. Approximately 500 pieces of our Smart Tint® film was displayed for this show as shown here. Our Film was used for projection with LEDs around the film to change the light as Smart Tint® will pick up the color from the LEDs. From initial concept phase to completion, Smart Tint® was able to provide a complete ready to install system, recommended Installers, engineering time, extensive customer care and support during each phase of this project from concept design to implementation.

Smart Tint Electric Window Tint
Smart Tint Electric Window Film
Smart Tint PDLC Film
Smart Tint Projection Film
Smart Tint Switchable Film
Smart Tint On Off Ceramic Tint
Smart Tint Switchable Electric Window Tint
Smart Tint Switchable Electric Glass Film



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