Smart Tint Trade Shows Cadillac World Event Stages

World Event Stages

Smart Cling Self Adhesive Used On The Grammys 2019 Steps as shown below!

This international song contest stage was created for Eurovision featuring Smart Tint.

100 of the Smart Tint material on this stage is genuine and is being used as an interactive projection screen that goes instantly clear when energized and opaque when powered off and dimmable to provide the most amazing visual effect in the industry <strong>6th Generation Smart Cling Self Adhesive Smart Tint®<strong> This international song contest stage was created for Eurovision and is being hosted by Copenhagen Denmark<strong> Eurovision Song Contest is the biggest music competition in the world<strong>

Smart Tint Smart Cling Self Adhesive was used during Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference where they featured their new game Gears Of War 5.

Smart Tint completed Reebok’s display boxes.

Titletown Tech is a one of a kind partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft Corp. aimed at boosting economic expansion by bringing world-class digital innovations and expertise to Greater Green Bay. Smart Tint was able to work with Titletown Tech to provide a complete privacy option for their facility. From initial concept phase to completion, Smart Tint was able to provide extensive customer care and support during each phase of this project.

New York Auto Show 2015 – Jacob Javits Center NYC

Cadillac utilizes Smart Tint Technology. The panels shown below are Smart Cling Self Adhesive White mounted on Plexi Glass. They were then illuminated with led lights transforming the color seamlessly providing the high tech edge Cadillac was looking for.

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