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Smart Tint® Power Supply H-30R w/ Remote Control/Wall Switch/up to 60 sq feet


Genuine Smart Tint® Technology

Every piece of our Smart Tint is serially numbered to affirm its authenticity. We are the original and only patented Smart Tint® provider.

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Smart Tint® Power Supply H-30R with Remote Control/Wall Switch On/Off Only
Includes remote control.

The H-30R power control unit is extremely efficient and
designed for long-term permanent installation.

The H-30R is made of fine copper material and has a very
stable output. This 30watt unit controls up to 60 sq. feet of our Smart Tint 6th Generation Smart Film material and is constructed of a high-performance flame-retardant epoxy resin casting.

The operating temperature is very low and suitable for
various environments.

The H-30R power control unit has a circuit board that utilizes a
self-recovery system designed to cut the power by itself when overloaded.
This system will auto-restart when overload or short is
corrected. Includes RF remote and dry contact relay input
compatible with 3rd party control systems such as Crestron, Lutron,
Savant, Dmx, etc.


Rated Power: 30W
Rated Ampere: 2A
Input Voltage: AC 110-120 vac
Output voltage: AC 48-60 vac 
Size: 38.1mm H (1.5″)  x 100.0125mm W (3.9375″) x 158.75mm L (6.25″)

Smart Tint® Power Controller Specifications

Smart Tint® Power Controller Specifications

Smart Tint Power Supplies (On/Off)
Product Name Features Coverage Area
Smart Tint® Power Supply H-15R On/Off Up to 30 sq feet
Smart Tint® Power Supply H-30R On/Off Up to 60 sq feet
Smart Tint® Power Supply H-50R On/Off Up to 100 sq feet
Smart Tint® Power Supply H-100R On/Off Up to 180 sq feet

Additional Transformer Details
Input Voltage 220-240VAC or 110VAC
Output Voltage 46VAC/60VAC
Operating Temperature -4°F to 140°F

Remote Controller Specifications
Frequency 433MHz
Battery 1x 12VDC
Function On/Off
Remote Control Distance >82 ft

Warranty and Packaging
Warranty Period 60 Months (5 Years)
Package Contents
  • 1x Transformer
  • 1x Remote Controller
  • 1x Input Cable
  • 1x Output Cable
  • 1x Wall Switch Cable

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